Alberto Ventafridda

About Me

Hi, I’m Alberto Ventafridda.
I’m a software developer based in Milan, Italy. I aspire to be a “jack of all trades, master of at least one”, however impossible this may sound.
 So far, my journey has covered web development, cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, and cybersecurity.

On this website I write about the challenges I encounter along the road, and whatever I feel interesting to share. I like the idea that the content I publish will help someone in the future, however, right now it’s mostly written for myself.

About this blog

The design of this website is a fork of Tania Rascia ’s blog and uses her Newmoon dark theme for the code snippets. The pages are plain HTML files generated using custom Astro.js code. I host them on an equally over-engineered infrastructure.

If you are interested about these details, check out the blog post I’ve written about it, or my /uses page which describes the software and tools i use everyday


Feel free to contact me on Twitter . I’m also on LinkedIn and Github