Alberto Ventafridda


software and tools i use day-to-day for my work

My tools

  • vim - My go to editor

  • tmux - A terminal multiplexer. Combined with vim, it’s how i navigate and organize multiple terminals and projects.

  • docker - Together with Docker-compose, it’s how i manage most of my local development and testing environments.

  • git - It’s how i manage all my projects but also, as a fan of the gitops approach, it’s how i manage most of my server infrastructure and desktop environment.

  • webstorm - A powerful ide for the web. Sometimes vim is just not the right tool

  • ngrok - A quick way to setup reverse shells and test complex environments locally.

  • insomnia - A good loking tool to test and call apis

  • burp suite - An efficient tool to test and break apis.

This blog

The design of this website is a fork of Tania Rascia ’s blog and uses her newmoon dark theme for the code snippets. Check out the blog post I’ve written about its technical details